I work to create a classroom atmosphere that is academically rigorous, encourages critical thinking, and promotes intellectual diversity. In drawing from public health, geography, anthropology, history, sociology, and other disciplines, my courses reflect my interdisciplinary training and the diverse perspectives needed to understand pressing issues and problems. And, by using local case studies, interactive media, organizing field excursions, and inviting guest speakers to class, I continually seek opportunities for students to become engaged with local and international issues.

At SUNY Old Westbury, I am the Instructor of Record of upper division (i.e. 3rd & 4th year) undergraduate courses in Public Health. I have developed three new courses: “Environmental Health Justice,” which examines environmental hazards and their unequal distribution across communities; a 10-day study abroad course on public health in low-income settings in Nicaragua; and a 9-day study abroad course on intercultural and comprehensive healthcare in Bolivia.

  • Public Health 3600: Social Determinants of Health
  • Public Health 4800: Epidemiology
  • Public Health 4850: Global Health
  • Public Health 4890: Environmental Health Justice
  • Public Health 4920: Study Abroad Program in Nicaragua (Focus: Responding to Public Health Crises)
  • Public Health 4920: Study Abroad Program in Bolivia (Focus: Intercultural and Comprehensive Healthcare)
  • Public Health 4920: Study Abroad Program in Cuba (Focus: Cuban Healthcare System)
  • Public Health 5900: Research Methods
  • Public Health 5920: Senior Seminar

At Ohio State University, I served as the Instructor of Record for the distance learning / online version of three iterations of:

  • Geography 2750: World Regional Geography

Further, I served as a Teaching Assistant for a number of undergraduate and advanced undergraduate/graduate courses:

  • Geography 2400: Economic and Social Geography
  • Geography 2750: World Regional Geography
  • Geography 2750: World Regional Geography (distance learning / online)
  • Geography 3597: World Urbanization
  • Geography 5802: Globalization and Environment

Additionally, I am particularly interested in service-learning pedagogy in higher education. During my undergraduate and graduate studies I have participated in, completed coursework in, and led service-learning experiences for undergraduate students.





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